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I made the decision to form a new political party out of exasperation at the state of British politics.


Not only have we had to endure the seemingly unending austerity programme that is the only strategy the current government can devise.  But those of us with any amount of vision can see is that greater dangers lie ahead.


House prices continue to rise while earnings stagnate.  This is an obvious warning of a property crash looming.


Since the referendum on EU membership the Tories clearly haven’t a clue how to devise an exit strategy Labour cannot tell us with any degree of certainty which way is up.  UKIP have almost disappeard.  The Lib-dems remain, well, Lib-dems, about as attractive as porridge minus the flavour and the lumps.


Something has to be done.  We need a political party that is run by people who have real life experience and have had to endure the  failings of past governments. 


On later pages I set out some of my ideas. You will not agree with all of them but I will provide the justifications for them. All work somewhere else in the world.


The party I am suggesting is not one driven by the dogmas of the long dead but by the lessons of history.


If you doubt my assertion that none of the available parties are likely to succeed read “The Blunders of our Governments” by Anthony King and Ivor Crew.  Whatever you do watch your blood pressure.


I am firmly of the opinion that Britain can succeed in the E.U. or outside it but not with any career politician of the current parties in charge.


I further hold that Britain’s problems are home made and that we can cure them. It is essential to understand this as if we believe that our problems are the fault of others we have no power to change things.


If you agree please join me. The membership fee is what you feel it is worth, paid by a monthly standing order. You don't need to like politics you need though being fed up to the back teeth with the current state of British politics helps. The will to do something about it is an asset.


Mike Boulton. June 2018

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