The Problem.





Britain is in crisis.  We are broke, we own nothing, our industry consists mainly of foreign companies.  The NHS is in crisis, our education system if failing. The roads are in a worse state than I remember. Homelessness is rising. The government claims that less people are unemployed but half of the British workforce is in receipt of in-work benefits.


Rising immigration has resulted in a referendum in which the country voted to leave the E.U. Confidence in Parliament is at an all time low. The winning party is recent elections have been elected on a quarter of the available vote.


I have been searching for solutions to these problems and have found some clues in the sources listed in the references page below.


On the bright side Britain is a leading builder of satellites and formula 1 cars.


I have found some interesting clues to the causes and, I believe, the solutions to our problems.


To start at the beginning.   One day in the late 1960s I was reading the Amateur photographer Victor Blackman, a regular columnist was writing about the loss of the British photographic industry. He claimed that the Germans had outstripped us because they had a better educated management.  Recently I remembered this when I was thinking about industry in general.  So I Googled “Mercedes Benz, board of management”, to see if Victor had a point. The result all but 3 members of the two boards of Mercedes Benz had a Phd relevant to their position. Two of the other three had a degree. There was a potted CV of each.


I then tried to think of a comparable Company in the U.K but there was none.  So then I selected a company that was a high-tech manufacturer.  BA systems, Nothing about the board on their website so I searched further eventually I found something. The Companies House website gave a listing of the board members but with little information save that three had degrees and only one a Phd.  What it did show was the lists of directorships each held.


I haven’t tried it yet but I will bet a monkey to a rotten apple that if you try the same with M.P.s a similar result will be obtained.  The reading that I have done and my experience over the years leads me to the conclusion that Britain needs a trained professional Government and experienced, trained and educated management for British industry.

No one should be permitted to make a technical decision unless educated to do so.


I firmly believe that the cult of the gifted amateur is the poison that is killing our country.  Fine on the cricket field but poison in the board room


There is then the question on How did things get this way?

It all started in 1066 the year of four kings.


When William the bastard was crowned he apportioned his kingdom amongst his knights.  900 years later little has changed.  The descendants of those knights still own most of the land.  


Over the centuries they have sat on that land.  They have rented it out to be farmed or otherwise managed but always they have their share of the profits and they have that share first before the profit is even earned.


They have the best education but they can do nothing.  They have to employ others to manage that land.  They have to pay others to do everything.  For centuries they governed the country.  Little by little power was taken by the middle classes, who were at first farmers but later became the managers of newly developing industries.


Over time parliament was formed, developed and eventually the middle classes gained power and a vote but only those who owned land.  The status of the people changed with he plague of 1348 that thinned the population so that the labouring class were able to make demands. But the lords were quick to limit those demands.


Military disasters brought more improvements in the lot of the people but little really changed until the 20th century.  Events such as the charge of the Light Brigade had highlighted the fact that birth did not make a man competent.  This was further emphasised in the 1914/18 war.  The lords lost the right to own a regiment.


The rights of women were advanced in the munitions factories and of men on the battlefields of Europe.

Universal suffrage came soon after the war and while many returned to life as before fewer returned to service. 


Things appeared to be going well but unseen the Lords were sitting on their land.  They have done nothing to increase their competence but still take their cut from industry and commerce.  Of course theirs is the first slice but not an equal share.  1% of the population own 60% of the land in Britain. 


Too many of our M.P.s are Eton and Oxbridge educated bringing with them their incompetence and self serving attitudes.  It is difficult to find a sane decision that has been made by any British Government since about 1948.  With only two exceptions both by the Labour Governments of Harold Wilson, the decision not to support the USA in the Vietnam War and supported Jenny Lee in the founding of the Open University.  Parliament has stumbled from one error to the next until we find ourselves in the current mess.


Britain, that in living memory, ruled a quarter of the world now quivers in fear at the thought of  leaving the shelter of the E.U.  They have overseen the fire sale of British Industry and of all our assets.   Britain has the fifth largest economy in the world but this is based on the smoke and mirrors of the City.



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